Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Former Parish Building in Pottsville to Close

The former Mary, Queen of Peace parish church building in Pottsville, now being maintained by Saint Patrick Parish, Pottsville, will be closed because it is little-used and has rising maintenance costs.

Since 2008, the building has been used for Mass one day per year. It also has been available for funerals of former Mary, Queen of Peace parishioners.

The cost of maintaining the building is rising, and can no longer be borne by the parishioners of Saint Patrick, according to Monsignor Edward O’Connor, Saint Patrick Pastor.

The closing recommendation of Monsignor O’Connor, made in consultation with the Parish Pastoral Council, was reviewed by the Diocesan Council of Priests and the Diocesan Pastoral Planning Commission, which likewise recommended the action to Bishop Alfred Schlert.

Mary, Queen of Peace Parish was consolidated into Saint Patrick Parish in 2008.

The building will close effective May 14, and will be offered for sale. All sacred images, furnishings, vessels and altars will be removed and preserved for use by Saint Patrick Parish. All proceeds from the sale of the building, or of any items such as stained glass windows, will be retained by Saint Patrick Parish. These proceeds will not go to the Diocese of Allentown.

Parishioners at Saint Patrick Parish were told about the closure at this weekend’s Masses.