Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Diocese's Women's Choir Releases First Album

The Diocese of Allentown is home to “Angelorum,” a choir of 18 women who sing at Masses and liturgies throughout the region. The choir was formed when a few moms from the Cathedral of St. Catharine of Siena in Allentown were asked to sing for a children’s Confirmation Mass in 2004.

Beverly McDevitt, Director of Music for the Cathedral, was inspired by their natural talent. “I played organ for this group of women, and they sounded amazing. Their blend was so beautiful,” she said.

She started Angelorum with these women, who now devote themselves to glorifying God through music, beauty, and worship. The name Angelorum was chosen by Monsignor Andrew Baker, the former Rector of the Cathedral of St. Catharine of Siena Parish, who said they sounded like angels.

“We desire to use our talents to spread the message of God’s endless love, presence, and mercy to those who listen,” said McDevitt. This diverse choir includes women of all ages, including a young violinist from Allentown Central Catholic High School.

Angelorum has recorded its first album, “Lord I Am Yours,” which includes 12 tracks and can be heard on YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, and iTunes. CD’s will also be available soon.

Gina Galassi, an Angelorum choir member, expressed her desire to share the gift of music. “God is love, and He has loved me first,” she said. “When we come to know the love of God, we cannot help but want to extend this love to others. God has given me the gift of music, and I desire to share this gift with others to give Him greater glory and praise.”

Learn more about Angelorum on their website and on YouTube. You can also book Angelorum for events or concerts.