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Concerned About Her Fellow Parishioners During Pandemic, She Began a Community Livestream Rosary

When the pandemic shutdown began in mid-March, Josette Peckman worried about her fellow parishioners who would no longer be able to attend Mass in person.

So despite having no technical experience, she started praying the Rosary live on Facebook and invited the members of St. John the Baptist Parish, Pottsville, to join her.

Now, hundreds of people participate each time, either by watching live or by viewing later, on the parish Facebook page.

“We are very grateful for Josette and for this ministry,” says Robert Rienzo, who helps with communications and evangelization at the parish. He said the livestream Rosary has provided a great sense of community, and of prayer, during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I wanted to encourage people, and to help let them know that we can get through this pandemic, we can pray through the pandemic,” says Peckman.

The Orwigsburg woman invites everyone to join her for the Rosary, whether or not they are members of her parish. The prayer is live at 7 p.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays during Advent.

She also encourages people at other parishes to use the power of technology to reach people in their homes for prayer during this difficult time.

“I didn’t know anything about how to do a live Facebook video when I began,” she says. “But it has worked out just fine. I learned that I just have to trust in God.”

To join the Rosary live, or to view past Rosaries, visit the parish Facebook page at