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Catholic Charities Cancels March Gala, Looks to Other Ways to Raise Much-Needed Funds

The Coronavirus has forced Catholic Charities to cancel its main fundraising event at a time when the pandemic has made the need for the agency’s services even greater.

Catholic Charities relies on its annual gala to raise money to serve people in need in the five counties of the Diocese. The gala has been held for 13 straight years, and last year raised $247,000 in much-needed funds.

Now, the agency is looking for other sources of funding to meet the growing need to feed the hungry, help the homeless or near-homeless, serve veterans, and support families and individuals who need help to get back on their feet.

“It will be extremely difficult to replace the money we would have raised at the gala,” said Rob Nicolella, executive director. “I hope and pray that our longtime donors, as well as others who want to help those in need, will help as we embrace new safe, alternative ways of fundraising.”

Nicolella said the decision to cancel the 2021 gala was made only after exploring every possible option. “There was just too much uncertainty,” he said. “We have no idea what conditions will be like this coming March, and our first consideration is the safety of our loyal gala attendees.”

Catholic Charities has set a goal of raising $275,000 between now and March to fund the ongoing need for its programs.

For more information, to learn about special fundraisers, or to make a donation to support Catholic Charities, visit the agency’s website at, or follow them on Facebook, @charitiesad.