Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Bishop Schlert Uses Radio Messages to Invite Faithful to 'Come Home for Christmas'

“Christmas is a time for family, a time when all roads lead toward home.”

People around the Diocese may be hearing Bishop Alfred Schlert say those words over the radio airwaves this Advent, as part of a message designed to invite people to Mass, and to experience the Real Presence of Jesus Christ.

“Please spend some time with your spiritual family this Christmas season, at your local parish,” the Bishop says. “Come home for Christmas. Come to Mass, to adore Jesus Christ, Really Present in the Holy Eucharist.”

The messages will be airing on radio stations WLEV 100.7 and WCTO Cat Country 96, two large stations that reach most areas of the five-county Diocese. They will run December 6 through December 25.

“From the bottom of my heart,” the Bishop says, “I welcome you and wish you a blessed and Merry Christmas. Oh, Come Let Us Adore Him!”

To listen to the 30-second radio message, click here.

In the photo above, Bishop Schlert tapes the radio message in his office in Allentown.