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'The Feminine Project' Founded by Hamburg Woman to 'Heal the Heart of Society by Healing Individual Hearts'

“The question I get asked most often is “What does femininity mean?” says Ann Burns of Hamburg.

Thinking about the answer to that question was a “deep journey of discovery, growth, and healing,” Burns said, and led to her founding of The Feminine Project, an organization that enables women to embrace their God-given femininity.

The group’s mission is to “bring together women to cultivate our minds and build community in order to restore authentic femininity, the home and heart of society,” she said. “We can heal the heart of society by healing individual hearts.”

Members take part in discussions via an on-line forum, as well as live meetings and phone calls, Burns said.

Previous discussion topics included womanhood in the Bible, and what it means to be feminine. The group just finished up its virtual Lenten Retreat.

Burns is a graduate of Christendom College and a member of St. Stephen of Hungary Parish, Allentown.

For more information on the Feminine Project, go to There are essays by Burns and other women that can be accessed for free, and there also is a fee-based membership option.