Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Renters and Landlords, Struggling in Pandemic, Helped by Catholic Charities

Thousands of renters and landlords, struggling financially because of the pandemic, have been helped by Catholic Charities through the Emergency Rental Assistance Program.

The agency is under contract to administer the program in Lehigh and Carbon Counties.

So far, more than $8 million in federal funds for rent and utility assistance have flowed to those in need, thanks to a dedicated group of Catholic Charities workers who have been processing a flood of applications.

“Many of the people we are helping have never been in a position to need this kind of help before,” said Tom Miller, who coordinates the program for Catholic Charities. “It’s really gratifying to provide them with both financial and emotional relief.”

He said Catholic Charities has so far processed about 3,000 applications.

The Coronavirus has caused financial hardship throughout the five counties of the Diocese of Allentown, and all offices of Catholic Charities have been there to help, not only through the rental assistance program, but also in many other ways including soup kitchens and food distribution programs for the hungry, counseling for those in distress, and aid for those in danger of becoming homeless.

For more information on the rental assistance program, or on how you can make a gift to help Catholic Charities provide compassionate human services with respect for the sanctity of all human life, visit their website.

In the photo above, members of the Catholic Charities Emergency Rental Assistance Program staff work to process applications. Left to right, they are: Nicki Ciminera, Dominique Oyeniyi, Nilza Baez, and Janice Jarret.