Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Participate in Novena and Consecration to the Sacred Heart in June

June is a month dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, a time when Catholics are grateful for Jesus’ merciful heart and His redeeming love for mankind.

This year, the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus will be celebrated on Friday, June 24.

In thanksgiving for the gift of the Year of the Real Presence, Bishop Alfred Schlert is asking all parishes and all of the faithful to join in a Consecration to the Sacred Heart on the feast day, as well as to participate in a Novena during the nine days leading up to the feast.

The Sacred Heart is a powerful symbol of the whole human body of Jesus Christ, representing His very real life as our Savior.

The Sacred Heart of Jesus reminds us of the love Jesus poured out for all. It is both a representation of His divine love and His human love.

The Novena will be offered from Thursday, June 16 to the Feast Day of the Sacred Heart on Friday, June 24. Each day, the Novena prayer will be offered via video shared on Facebook, YouTube, and the diocesan website.

Here is the list of who is offering the prayer on each day:

June 16 Day 1 – Deacon Jack Mroz.

June 17 Day 2 – Annaleigh Atiyeh (Gidosh).

June 18 Day 3 – Ana Hidalgo (prayer said in Spanish).

June 19 Day 4 – Chris Maslonka

June 20 Day 5 – Kristin Osenbach

June 21 Day 6 – Rosa Lawley

June 22 Day 7 – Tyle Davis.

June 23 Day 8 – Daniel Lisella.

June 24 Day 9 – Bishop Schlert (+Consecration Prayer).

Watch for more details on participating, as well as on Masses on the Solemnity of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, from your parish.

Here is a link to the Novena prayer.