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Laundry on Linden Provides Clean Clothing, Dignity to Homeless

In the heart of Allentown, a special ministry is growing – one load of laundry at a time.

Laundry on Linden is a program that serves the homeless and those living in transitory situations. Every Tuesday at 4:15pm, the Family Wash Day laundromat begins to bustle with laughter, warm greetings, and carts full of laundry as volunteers offer food, medical attention, and of course, detergent.

Laundry on Linden co-founder, Jacqui Howells, is a St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus parish nurse. Parish nurses, also known as faith-based nurses, focus on the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of people within faith communities. Jacqui’s love for Christ is at the core of her mission: “This ministry is not just about clean clothes; it’s about being the hands and feet of Jesus. I want our friends in the community to see Jesus in us. My ultimate prayer is for the people we serve to learn more and to build a personal relationship with Him.”

Since the beginning of 2023, Laundry on Linden has helped over 1,000 families. In addition to sharing the Gospel and providing free laundry services for many of the most vulnerable members of the community, Laundry on Linden connects individuals to medical care and drug rehabilitation services.

St. Luke’s University Health Network volunteers a medical van and medical students every other week to help uninsured individuals get the care and attention they need. Star Wellness residents and Valley Against Sex Trafficking (VAST) also volunteer their services on site. Food or snacks are provided by various partners, including the Love Bank at St. Luke’s Sacred Heart Campus, run by Hospital Chaplain Carolee Gifford.

Clean clothing is a basic human need that supports and affirms the dignity of every human person. Laundry on Linden not only provides laundry services, but also the recognition of the immeasurable worth of God’s children – regardless of their situation.

Laundry on Linden is continuing to grow as they work to become a non-profit organization. If you are interested in getting involved, they are looking for volunteers with clerical, computer, accounting, marketing, graphic design, and web design skills. They are also looking for volunteers who can work onsite each week, share the gospel with community members, or lend a helping hand with operating the laundry machines.

Donations can be made to Laundry on Linden Ministry, P.O. Box 144, East Texas, PA 18046-0144.

For additional information, email: