Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Annual Diocesan Priest Transfers Delayed This Year

The annual transfers of some diocesan priests, typically announced in May and taking effect in June, will be delayed this year.

The disruptions of normal parish operations due to the Coronavirus contributed to the postponement.

Another consideration for the delay is the safety of any clergy who would be moving their belongings to a new residence at a time when social distancing restrictions are still in place.

In addition, with the uncertainty of when the stay-at-home order may be lifted, June transfers may make it difficult for any priest being transferred to properly say goodbye to parishioners.

Bishop Alfred Schlert and the Priest Personnel Board are considering a late summer or early fall announcement of transfers, although no firm date has been set.

In a note to priests announcing the delay, Bishop Schlert thanked them for their “pastoral zeal in this unprecedented time in the life of the Church” and assured them of his continued prayers for their priestly ministry during the Easter Season.