Noticias de la Diócesis de Allentown

Catholic Magazine, Written and Produced in Diocese, is Looking to Grow

A new Catholic magazine has taken root in the Diocese of Allentown and now is looking to grow and inspire those in the Diocese and beyond.

“Summons” is a collection of essays and articles by men and for men, but also relevant to women. It’s published by Mark Quaranta, a member of St. Thomas More Parish in Allentown.

“Our target audience is everyday Catholic men who desire to live their faith day to day, not just on Sundays,” he said. “We’re trying to inspire them and strengthen them to be the spiritual leaders of their families.”

The magazine is free and is mailed about every six weeks to subscribers. There’s also a free inspirational email on weekdays for those who are interested.

The latest issue contains articles on having a faith-based discussion about politics, on praying with your spouse, on looking to Peter as a model of faith, and much more.

Writers are men of the Diocese. Pastoral review is provided by Father Dan Kravatz, chaplain at Bethlehem Catholic and Notre Dame high schools. The costs of printing and mailing are deferred by donors.

“We’re shooting for a very conversational tone in our articles,” said Quaranta, who works in marketing for a software company. “We want it to be down-to-earth, relating our experiences, offering practical advice, and even sharing questions or struggles we’ve had in our own lives.”

Right now there are about 400 subscribers to the print magazine, and about 200 have signed up for the daily email. If you’d like to receive the magazine or the email, visit the magazine’s website at

Mark Quaranta, seen here with his three children, is the publisher of "Summons."