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Catholic Charities Finds Creative Way to Distribute Food

With its hot food lines closed by social distancing requirements, the Catholic Charities soup kitchen in Allentown has found a creative way to continue getting food to the needy.

This past Friday, staff and volunteers distributed 125 boxes of groceries to people in the neighborhood, on Chew Street between Second Street and Ridge Avenue.

People came on foot and by car and picked up their boxes in front of the Catholic Charities Chew Street Community Center building, all the while keeping the recommended six feet apart.

The weekly distribution will continue on subsequent Fridays, God and donors willing.

“Feeding people at the soup kitchen is always a great experience, but given our absence for the last two weeks because the food lines had to close, it was especially powerful to come back Friday to do it this way,” said Lindsay Sarver, executive administrative assistant, who conceived and organized the distribution.

Anyone who wishes to make a donation to help buy food for the new grocery distribution, or who wishes to support other ministries at Catholic Charities to help people in need, is asked to visit